07-25-14 09:48 AM
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  1. hkkelvinlee's Avatar
    I got three, having lost one in taxi. Yes, obsessed.

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    02-05-14 07:02 AM
  2. Dominic Hagan's Avatar
    she said I want a tablet - she has an iphone so just needed a larger screen really with wifi, got her a playbook as they were cheap and well specced. decided to get me one as well as she is pretty useless techwise and I'd read about having to sideload etc.. mine was cheaper but hdmi wasn't working so got one with a keyboard

    then i got one for my dad as the video chat seemed ideal and he could take movies and audio books away with him - he didn't want it so he got slippers instead.

    then I was offered one after a failed ebay auction and got it as for the same price as a bare one I got another keyboard and 2 mag chargers - it seems that if you want a keyboard at a decent price you have to get another playbook with it.

    now I have 5 4 64s and one 32.. - not surprisingly after all the fuss she doesn't use hers at all but mine are used daily. I figured 2 would fit my needs and should really get rid of at least one but I am naturally a hoarder. and figured that as I dont use BB phones I can use a keyboard to smart up a tv.

    my only issue is making sure I don't crack the screen so have an otterbox a ballistic case which came from australia and another on the way from texas.

    ebay is great

    just out of interest what is the opinion on keeping the batteries live for longest? should I store the spare ones on the desktop chargers?
    02-09-14 08:18 AM
  3. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    I would be interested in that as well. Anyone? For sure it is critical to protect the fragile USB port. I try to use the cradle to charge.
    Well, you have us all beat as to your cache of PBS. Is it bad that I salivate while I read your post LOL?

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    02-09-14 10:17 AM
  4. TightDebbie's Avatar
    I had as high as three PlayBooks at one time....now down to one.

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    02-17-14 09:25 AM
  5. PowderJockey's Avatar
    Wow, I thought I was bad. I just acquired my 3rd Playbook as well. I received my first for Christmas several years ago when they were being discounted in the stores. Then purchased my 2nd for a 100.00 from a friend who had purchased his at full price. He used a few times, placed it on a shelve after he purchased an iPad(he's a geek and has to have the newest of everything). It was like purchasing a brand new unit. Then just the other day I purchased my 3rd for the price of a lunch. This one has a problem with the USB charging port. The charger nor the USB cable can be connected, so the files have to be wirelessly transferred and I use the magnetic charger on it. All 3 are 64 GB. These units are all used daily in some shape or form. My wife uses hers for an ereader everyday and absolutely loves hers. I use the other two for watching movies, further education learning and just plain old fun.

    Love live the my Playbooks!
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    07-25-14 09:48 AM
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