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    I was checking out an occasional haunt, a blog from the Canadian (I think) branch of a global stainless steel pipe manufacturer and came across this picture of a PlayBook. I think I'm liking the BlackBerry scROLL (my name for it)!! Clearly has what appears to be official BlackBerry branding, tried zooming but no success seeing the writing and markings at the bottom.

    Has this been for sale anywhere? Look's like a very comfortable way to hold the PB for portrait reading!
    07-02-12 09:01 AM
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    BlackBerry PlayBook case by G.O.D. (Goods of Desire)

    I saw a Blog article on it awhile back. I don't think it went into production. I thought it was a limited order type of deal. Bamboo for the first case shown, but the consumer version would be high grade plastic.

    I'll look for the link.

    EDIT : Found it http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat...se-by-god.html

    Designer's FaceBook Page http://www.facebook.com/goodsofdesire
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    07-02-12 09:22 AM
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    Thanks, OB! Checked them out. They have some interesting stuff.

    I would buy this, if it was reasonable. Too bad it was never a production run - gotta imagine it would be fairly inexpensive - some simple injection molding or extrusions, some protective felt/velvet/suede glued on and some string!
    07-02-12 09:42 AM
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    I remember being really interested in it as well. Too bad nothing ever came of it. I wonder if the designer would do a limited run if enough people bothered uhmmmm asked him?
    07-02-12 10:07 AM
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    It is not really a concept and G.O.D. REALLY made it available due to the request from R.I.M. Hong Kong. It has both white color and black color. RIM HK has ordered all bamboo cases from G.O.D. So it is not available in the retail shop. Why they buy all of the cases is to make it a gift for Hong Kong Blackberry fans, or an incentive to upgrade to Playbook OS 2.0.

    Just back to the period of the release of OS 2.0, RIM HK organised an event in its facebook to invite all blackberry HK fans to upgrade their playbook os and post the "About-General" screen shot to them. And then the lucky guy ( limited quota ) can get a case from them.

    Well, the contest is only a Hong Kong-based one and not a global one, but it is always nice to see that RIM do something for their fans, right?

    PS: I own a white one too check out the attached photo for a quick look of it. Share with you guys more when I wake up, it is 2:30 a.m. In Hong Kong. Zzzzzzzzz...
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    07-02-12 01:37 PM
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    If it show up on crackberry shop I would order one instantly!!
    07-02-12 05:06 PM