1. Bertie Bear's Avatar
    Just taken delivery of my 4th PlayBook, a nice condition 64GB with unmarked screen, £30 from Ebay.
    Had been security wiped of course, and as has been mentioned in the dim & distant past, it's hit or miss as to whether certain preloaded apps, reappear.

    In particular, the Video Chat app, which I know from two of my other PlayBooks does still work.

    Other default apps that didn't come back are:
    YouTube for PlayBook - which doesn't work now anyway, so no loss
    Kobo Books - which had Alice In Wonderland & Art of War as 'free gifts'
    NFB, Tetris and Need for Speed - all can still be got from BB World, so no probs
    Demo HD video - which is really gorgeous & I would like back
    Wallpapers - about 20 nice pictures you could use

    Anyway, I've tried everything to get the missing apps & features back, to no avail. I've security wiped again, tried restore from various back-ups taken from my other PlayBooks, then tried again & again. No luck.
    Even backing up the other PlayBooks in full doesn't seem to save these missing apps & features, no idea why.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?
    07-06-17 05:10 AM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Search this forum for the system apps. They have been posted here.
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    07-06-17 07:14 AM
  3. Bertie Bear's Avatar
    Found it for Video Chat & have installed, thanks!
    (For info for others, a slight issue with an error message about jarfile, but resolved by going to DPPB in 'All Programs' on PC, rather than through desktop shortcut.)

    The HD demo video & wallpapers came back on their own after another repair using BB Desktop Manager.

    Now have a nice clean PlayBook looking like it was just unboxed.
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    07-07-17 05:40 AM

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