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    So, lately I've been very grumpy wit the lack of ecosystem for the PlayBook. However, I will say that I am very happy with the following set of apps and the improvements made to them.

    #1 - Blaq, Best Twitter app. (even though I did notice that the browser version was updated and works much better now.)

    #2 - Word Press. Even though it's an Android app, it's working way better than before.

    #3 - Groovy Notes. Absolutely worth the money!

    #4 - Cozi Great for family management

    #5 - Antair Notes Closest thing to the iPad notes apps. (Still needs to have predictive text)

    #6 - Evernote. A must have for Any tablet!

    Finally, I really like News360 I love the format.

    So, there you go. Other than no Skype, Netflix or any useful Video Chat Options or a new update... I'm okay.
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    09-20-12 10:18 AM
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    I used to like the Evernote app until I moved to an Android phone in January. Now I can hardly bring myself to still open it on the PB.

    edit: Do you use Groovy Notes for something different than you use Evernote for?
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    09-20-12 02:15 PM