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    Got my hand in the cookie jar of apps and don't want to let go! I am trying to prevent a deluge that I see coming when many folks try to convert to OS 2. Got 64gb PB with 146 apps, 942 Music, and 49 videos; also, I have 38.4 gb of free space. Got 370 GB free on my PC.

    A number of folks are reporting having trouble with using the BB DM to backup, me included! I have tried rebooting my PB and W7. I have tried to narrow the focus of what gets backed up. NADA. I have saved what I can to my PC manually. I have put all my receipts from AppWorld@blackberry.com in a mayonnaise jar for safe keeping.

    Some have suggested deleting apps until the backup works. Others say that, shoot, just load OS 2 and everything will be fine. This is just a very sad move for all the very hard working app developers out there.

    I have backed up in the past, but no longer. I am not buying into the timeout bug that gives up after a while. It is a few bad apps causing the problem.

    Anybody got a better idea than wholesale deleting my apps ? Doc Neutron

    PS: Got my head down and my nose open: bring OS 2 on !!
    01-29-12 07:25 PM
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    You are not safe unless you bury that jar (mayon.... is too hard to spell!).

    I was unable to backup from June until late December, trying periodically over that interval.

    I did finally do a Security Wipe and it worked. A Security Wipe is a pain in the tuckus - well, the restoration. In my case about 20gigs of STUFF.

    But since that time, I have periodically succeeded and failed. Whether it is a timeout or the amount of files spawned or in the app's suite, something is oddball.

    Last weekend, I tried a backup. Failed. I closed some apps on the pb and closed down a bunch of stuff on the pc. It worked. Next day, I purchased some additional apps and wanted to back up. Failed. Ten minutes later, if that, I tried again but changed NOTHING on the pb or the pc. It worked. While I have suggested the problems are the result of the phases of the moon - I don't think that that 10 minute interval was sufficient to change the moon's impact.

    So, whatever it wrong/odd/bollixed up, try and try again..........

    edited to add: At least one app was definitely implicated - some recipe app. I have found problems with Maps-on-device, they make a wide variety. It installs and/or creates THOUSANDS of files. But it has been on my pb for those last two failures and successes. The backup is a ZIP process and contains those various apps' thousands of files.
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    I have put all my receipts from AppWorld@blackberry.com in a mayonnaise jar for safe keeping.
    While it's a good idea to keep your receipts just in case, you should never need them. Your app purchases are linked to your BlackBerry ID, and App World should allow you to download them again. Even if you lost your PB and bought a new one, you should be able to re-download them as long as you sign in with the same BBID as before. However, I'm not sure what happens if the price of an app has increased since you purchased it.

    Note that the backup procedure backs up both your apps and any settings and protected databases and files you have created inside them. So if you wipe & reinstall you'll start over with a fresh install of the app.
    01-29-12 11:07 PM
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    If the price goes up (or changes from free to non-free), you are out the app unless it has been backed up. The incessant reminder that an upgrade to an app is available when the price has gone up is irritating. There does not seem to be a way to tell appworld "do not call!" (oh, "do not call" is the US gov't sponsored option to get out of nuisance telephone calls)
    01-30-12 12:13 AM
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    Me and my big mouth concerning "timeout". Today [30-jan-12] I rebooted my PB and just went for a backup, again. Didn't backup, BUT noted that my PC's cpu usage was moderate for about 2 minutes and then dropped to like NADA for like 10 seconds and then I got the dreaded message, again, about the backup failure. Doc Neutron
    01-30-12 05:46 PM
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    If you have access to a Mac, the latest Desktop Manager for the Mac will work. I had the problems backing up with a pc, but when the Mac started supporting backups, i tried and have always successfully backed up since.
    01-30-12 06:07 PM
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    I have to turn of bridge, wi-fi, bluetooth and all virus protection software, do 10 hail Mary's and it may back up once out of every ten times I try.
    01-30-12 08:19 PM
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    When you go to back up your device, choose a selective back up, and uncheck media....then try. Good news is, all of your apps are associated with your BBID, and you can re install them if you update your software and anything happens. Even better news, RIM is pretty good about purchased apps in terms of refunding any apps you cannot re-install.
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