1. kdeckels's Avatar
    I usually catch a little of Fox and Friends before work. This morning they just had a segment on privacy with public networks.

    i was wondering how this compares to bridging with my Curve and tethering the playbook to a Droid phone.

    For example, I'd say if I'm going to the local Starbucks I'm much more secure if I give up the increased speed and bridge. That's an advantage to me, but I have also used Foxfi and tethered to my daughter's Droid pro - which would be using her 3g connection. With what seems more tablets available with just wifi, this could be a huge plus for PB's bridging capability.

    Can someone enlighten me?
    07-17-12 07:41 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    At the theoretical level any connection made though an untrusted device you DON'T own and control will have a greater risk of compromise. Bridge or cable connection to your own cellular device can (should) be as secure as using your home or office network. On a third party public wifi the order of preference would be WAP, WEP, Open/unencrypted, but for all of these there is still a risk that an unscrupulous device operator is able to access the data stream in the segment between wifi and WAN (broadband connection).
    07-17-12 12:04 PM