1. lui22's Avatar
    Um yeah it started a few weeks ago when the battery hits 20% it just freezes! I dont know whats happening. This just shows how unreliable any code is when........

    Honestly im really tiered of these posts about playbooks softwares not working all the time and people moving on because they cant get it to work or it freezes. One quick tip- reload the os. its painless like cutting your hair.....

    In all seriousness my playbook just starting to act up and the only reason I am posting this is if you guys have some comon sense sometimes you realize that the OS is like a band. If a line of code gets messed up the subsequent commands do too. Just like a drummer when he/she skips a beat the whole band is out of tune. Sometimes a reboot or a reload will fix the issue.

    These are my simptoms
    Slow to turn on
    3 hour battery life
    Memory Leaks
    Freezing at 20% batter
    Stuck at splash screen till batter dies after freezing at 20%
    This is my solution
    Reloading the OS after a full charge. Probably reloading it twice just to make sure. Honestly there arent a lot of kinks on Playbook OS that arent in other OSs. Not enough to want to stop using the device. I paid hard earned cash and im going to use it until hardware failure and blackberry refuses to fix it.
    06-18-13 12:35 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    So, you are ultimately saying that you DID fix your problem(s) and your pb is now acting fine?

    I will say that when I've tried reloading the OS (using Debrick) the process has gone on for hours - seriously. I don't know if it is my computer (Vista HomePremium 64) or something else. Then there's the task of restoring 50-60 gigs of data.

    But I agree, folks should try reloading the OS if they are running into strange glitches.
    06-18-13 08:12 AM

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