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    So found this on one of the blogs at Mobilesyrup.com this morning and was wondering if you guys knew about it as well as the admins because I haven't seen a blog about this yet as there usually is topics reguarding this. According to this roadmap, the Torch 2 will be be out in the middle of May as well as the Bold Touch and the Torch 2 is the one I'm waiting for. I'm starting to get tired of RIMs slow bbs and other well known things that people have already ranted about (which I won't go through again) so if the Torch 2 doesn't perform as well as a smartphone should perform in today's market, then unfortunately my next upgrade will be the iPhone 5 this summer. I've been a loyal Blackberry customer for 2 years but I recently won an iPad and I must say those apple products can really suck you in and make you want an Apple product. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to start another thread about the usuall "BBs suck, I'm switching to an iPhone" rants that are already on here but instead I just thought I would just put it out there and see what you guys think about these BBs and the upcoming iPhone 5 as well as which smartphone will be on your upcoming upgrade list

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