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    I bought my playbook about 6 months ago, refurbished, no warranty. Last week the mini usb port got messed up. The cord wouldn't go in all the way so it wouldnt charge. I called them up and they had me send it in. They fixed it for free, no questions asked. Wow! now that is service. Ill have my tablet back tomorrow.
    09-25-12 08:07 PM
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    as a side note, had a similar situation with my iphone. It wouldnt charge at all. took it to the apple store and although it was still under warranty they said there was some dirt in the phones charger port and moisture from this dirt caused it to short out, therefore it was my fault and they charged $150 for an exchange.
    Maybe I'll get BB10 for my next upgrade
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    09-25-12 08:12 PM