1. lawmom4's Avatar
    My GPS worked on Poynt and Bing, but was off a little, so installed the Compass App and let it find my location. All was golden.

    Then I did a backup/wipe/reinstall a week ago to resolve attachments issue (which worked great).

    Except now the GPS is fubar'd. I put the darn thing outside for a couple of hours yesterday with the compass app on. Nothing. Nothing finds any location at all -- not Poynt, Bing, or my newest try, MapApp. I am very frustrated.
    07-05-11 08:52 AM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    Turn of the PB using the 'hard' on-off button. Wait 20 second, then turn 'on'.
    The PB will re-set and hopefully the problem solved.
    07-05-11 09:42 AM