1. Al Watson's Avatar
    Hi, as Google Maps seems to have dissapeared, anyone got any suggestions for a replacement to use in the UK on the playbook.
    08-15-13 02:41 PM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    What do you mean by seems to have disappeared?

    It has to be sideloaded if you wish to use it on your playbook, but that's been the case since the beginning..
    08-15-13 02:46 PM
  3. Al Watson's Avatar
    I have it on my 9790 and that was from blackberry world, all i can find now is additions but not the main thing.
    08-15-13 03:20 PM
  4. just_luc's Avatar
    You posted this in the playbook forum.. so are you looking to use google maps on a playbook? or on your 9790?
    08-15-13 03:21 PM
  5. Al Watson's Avatar
    wanting to put it on my play book ,
    08-15-13 04:22 PM
  6. just_luc's Avatar
    It was never available in app world for the playbook and it never will be. You can use it, but you'll need to side load it.

    Posted via CB10
    08-15-13 04:40 PM
  7. Al Watson's Avatar
    it must have been, I first put it on a 9320, then copied everthing onto my 9790. I wouldn't know how to sideload. like I said got it from bb world. there are other threads on here stating that google have paired up with andriod and that's why it can't be found anymore.
    08-15-13 05:02 PM
  8. pacoman03's Avatar
    Read before you react. As just_luc stated, it was NEVER available for the PLAYBOOK in app world. It may have been available for your phone, but that's not relevant here. As for Google pairing up with android, what can I say? Android is Google.
    08-15-13 05:08 PM
  9. jarviser's Avatar
    Correct, has to be sideloaded, always has. Shows as "Latitude" icon when sideloaded. Find it at goodereader.com
    08-15-13 05:11 PM
  10. Stephen_TX's Avatar
    There are PB apps on BB World that use Google Maps like GPS MapSearch for Google. But as others said, a native Google Maps must be sideloaded from an Android-converted bar file.
    08-15-13 10:08 PM
  11. Blackman91's Avatar
    There are PB apps on BB World that use Google Maps like GPS MapSearch for Google.
    The best one I have found is one called ego maps, just search on bb world eGo maps, it is faster and smoother than all the other native pb apps that use google maps and it is free!!!!
    09-03-13 04:40 PM
  12. tovento's Avatar
    Other option is opening your browser and go to m.here.com
    It's a mobile map system provided by Nokia. It's smooth and works well on the Playbook. No turn by turn navigation, but you can create routes, etc. Routes aren't always the greatest, but it's a relatively quick access map none the less.

    EDIT: I just tried eGo maps, and I'm very impressed!
    09-04-13 09:14 AM
  13. toronto9696's Avatar
    They have an update. We need to convert newest version of google maps
    09-04-13 09:16 AM
  14. Blackman91's Avatar
    eGo maps just got updated!
    09-23-13 04:15 PM
  15. Blackman91's Avatar
    eGo maps just got updated!
    New update! a lot of improvements guys.
    mh1983 and tovento like this.
    05-19-15 11:11 AM

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