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    Outlook and BB phone calendar sync: perfect
    Google calendar sync with Outlook added on computer: no change


    Starting to use the native PB calendar by integrating my Gmail profile in the PB: I get many duplicate entries on the calendar.

    Duplicates are old and new entries, and surprisingly not all calendar items. They have spread like weed in all my calendars now...

    Now I need an advanced course on calendar syncing and how my devices do it, in order to to understand what's going on and fix this issue... All my calendars have duplicates, even the Outlook! Seems like there are 2 google calendars active syncing out there...
    10-05-12 10:07 AM
  2. purple_bb's Avatar

    This is quite complex as it involves Desktop manager, Outlook, Google calendar sync, Google Calendar, my 9810 accounts, its calendar, and the PB calendars (bridge and native).

    I just don't know where to start. Duplicates seem to have been made for entries made in Google calendar only, as older and more recent Outlook entries are intact, if I get this right.

    I don't want to wipe everything, as I'm afraid I may lose it all. I need my old entries for reference too!

    And what a bummer removing all duplicates, not knowing if it's going to all happen again because I have not corrected the source of the mistake...

    10-06-12 01:09 PM
  3. purple_bb's Avatar
    Just dumped Google calendar and manually corrected the duplicates, making sure nothing was trying to synce in the meantime...

    From reading forum posts in search of a solution, I realized that I'm not the only one who got duplicate entries upon syncing this calendar. No free solution. Big manual fix trouble. I have no time for that, and duplicates will not screw my agenda again.

    In fact, I was just trying to use the native PB calendar, which started the trouble, but I ended up realizing that as a consequence, I got double notifications (one over bridge, one over the PB) and triple in fact because my phone is notifying me too.

    So what's the point of a native PB calendar? I guess it's good if you don't use a BB phone...

    I'm pretty bitter anyway... I thought it handy to have this over-the-air calendar app (Google) for when I don't use the computer that's got my Outlook on it.

    Anybody knows if I can manage my Outlook calendar over SkyDrive or something like that? Then it would keep things simple, one calendar with outlook, one on my BB phone, syncing both once in a while, but also access my Outlook calendar whenever I'm on another computer.
    10-06-12 03:24 PM

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