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    We are introducing our brand new Developer Portal for the Good e-Reader Playbook and Android App Store! This is a brand new interface that will allow you to upload paid or free apps that you have created. You can offer your app or game to millions to customers who choose our app store as their #1 online destination for app downloads.

    To enter into our Developer Beta program you have to first register an account by visiting Good e-Reader Android App Store – Playbook App Store Log In Once you create an account and verify it you will have completed the first step. The next step is to email us at support@goodereader.com and give us a link to your app listed on Google Play, Amazon App Store, Getjar, 1Mobile or other major markets. We will then upgrade your account with developer access so you can begin uploading your apps.

    There are many options in the App Upload Section and we will outline what you need to do.

    Title Your Title of the App
    Version The current Version number
    Description Your app description, key features and other noteworthy info
    Starting Hits Please Ignore and Leave Blank
    Free/Paid You may choose to offer a paid app or a free app
    Paid Set the app price and the email address for your PAYPAL account
    Upload You may choose a direct file path to your own local machine or use the uploading tool.
    Categories Select the Category Best Suited to your app You can upload either Blackberry Playbook BAR files or Android APK files. Do not upload a ZIP file or a RAR file, only APK or BAR files will be accepted. Pick your category wisely. All Playbook Categories have Playbook in the title, all others are by Default Android.
    Thumbnail Upload an App Icon that you use to promote your app. Large images will automatically be re sized.
    Member Only File Please Ignore
    Force Download Check-mark this box
    Upload and Save Once you completed all the steps outlined above, you can upload and save your app. It will automatically be live and we reserve the right to delete your app if you are not the author or it violates our terms of service.
    06-14-12 12:45 AM
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    Good luck - competition is generally welcome. Potentially avoiding Rim's censorship/weeding process might lead to some nice apps.

    "Millions" huh?
    06-14-12 09:52 AM