12-27-12 11:30 AM
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  1. kbz1960's Avatar
    Since July a year ago no issues but annoyances, like checkerboarding.
    12-27-12 10:03 AM
  2. bungaboy's Avatar
    Since July a year ago no issues but annoyances, like checkerboarding.
    Oddly enough the worst site for the checkerboarding is . . . . . . . CrackBerry.com. Now figgur dat one out. LoL
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    12-27-12 10:16 AM
  3. ta2hallm's Avatar
    We went from a family of 5 people with 3 Playbooks to now having the Playbooks outnumbering the people. Each kid got one for Christmas along with Case-Mate POP cases which are awesome for increasing the kid durability of the device. There were so many awesome deals late November on accessories. Each kid got a rapid charger dock. My only complaint is that you can't use the dock charger with the case on. It would be nice if there was some adaptors to allow this. The kids have been able to find lots of games. Soooooooo much nicer than dealing with the gaming consoles and their little cartridges. My oldest son was a big Apple fan boy, but even he sees the value in the Playbooks compared to an iPad. He'll still use his iPod touch, but not near as much anymore. I have recently wondered if RIM has any plans for something similar to the iTunes gift cards to work with AppWorld. They are a fabulous idea for kids.
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    12-27-12 11:30 AM
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