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    Hey fellow crackheads, I've been doing this on my forum for over 2 years now, and it has really worked out really well. This thread can be used to promote anything you have to offer for FREE only to other members. The idea is to move your Playbook related items that you no longer need or no longer want, and do not want to sell; and that you would prefer to give it to a forum member. The shipping of said items is the responsibility of the current owner, unless arrangements are otherwise made (like high cost to Kandahar or Borneo, etc.).

    First come, first serve. So if you see something you would like, be the first to PM the member offering the freebie.

    The free stuff has to be Playbook related, and not your old boat battery or push mower.

    Only one simple rule, besides it being Playbook related, you must post something to offer the forum members yourself Playbook related only, before claiming anything.

    OK guyz and galz, have at it.

    Oh, and me first:

    I have a Griffin Mat Screen Care kit that I had on my Playbook for 1 day until I bought my SGP screen protector. It's in original packing and it's for the first poster who PM's me AND posts something he/she would like to give.
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    I was made aware of that after I posted. This is for the Playbook only, so things like sim cards, or Nokia holster clips, or screen covers for BB 8330 Curve wouldn't apply here.
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