1. strikeIII's Avatar
    Everything seems to be working fine on the new 2.0 update except for my gmail contacts not syncing. Like someone said in gmail calendar thread I tried to turn off contact sync, save then turn on, save. But it always syncs one contact then stops. Anyone have any suggestions. My calendar and everything else works fine through gmail.
    02-21-12 08:34 AM
  2. strikeIII's Avatar
    Can somone who has both contacts and calendar syncing properly with gmail post their settings. Mainly what did you put in for the domain? gmail.com, google.com, etc.?

    02-21-12 08:49 AM
  3. strikeIII's Avatar
    So, it looks like if you've grouped your GMail contacts they will not show up in the contacts of your playbook. They need to fix this. I've sorted out all my contacts as personal, business, etc. and they will only show up on the Playbook if you keep all your contacts in the general My Contacts section.
    02-21-12 09:09 AM
  4. supraking's Avatar
    Mine aren't syncing either, and they're all in the My Contacts section. Going to delete and re-add GMail and see if that solves the problem.
    02-22-12 09:47 PM
  5. mkmilan's Avatar
    Right! Who DOESN'T have groups.... Gmail groups don't work on mobile devices either, so I can't. Send group emails from my phone or tablet !!!
    02-23-12 10:25 PM
  6. petworks97's Avatar
    I contacts weren't showing up either. I finally figured out that when I synced outlook with gmail, my contacts were not in "my contacts" on gmail. I selected all contacts and clicked add to my contacts. This fixed the problem for me. I don't have my contacts sorted by category so I don't know if that works. I did notice that on the playbook that when i look at a contact the company is listed in a field called "experience" but if I edit the contact it shows up in the company field. So strange but not a big deal for me.
    02-23-12 11:08 PM