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    My husband has offered to buy me a 64 PB. I have the 32 which I love. My question is can I back up the items and apps I have on the 32 and then install them on the 64? I have a lot of books I have sideloaded onto the kindle app and don't want to lose them. Thanks.
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    11-05-12 07:21 PM
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    If you use the same BBID then any apps you got from the appworld, you can download again (a changed price might require a re-purchase). If you can use the Desktop Software, you can backup and restore the apps and settings. BUT don't count on it as some have had trouble either backing up or restoring.

    Android apps would need to be sideloaded again if that's how you initially got them on your current pb. And you can copy those sideloaded books back to the new pb.

    I would also suggest you do a manual backup of unique files like pictures, videos, voice notes or docs. And those books (if you don't have them on your computer already).

    Enjoy the roomier pb.
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    11-05-12 08:49 PM

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