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    I have recently purchased a blackberry playbook i don't have a p.c and would like to get all my films and movies off my phone onto the playbook i use my ps3 to copy and paste films onto my phone and they work fine can't do that to the playbook i have tryed is there a app for free or paid that i can simply transfer things from phone to playbook with no trouble first time on here so not sure if this is posted in rite place est but hope someone can help
    04-16-13 04:48 PM
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    Do you have Dropbox.
    I'd get Dropbox from Blackberry World you get 2 free gigs when you sign up.
    Upload the data to Dropbox from your Bold.
    In Dropbox you can send links of your data.
    Email yourself a link of the files/data you want to the email account on your Playbook.
    Open the file/link and download it to your Playbook.

    There is also Bluebox for Playbook you want to check that out too.
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    04-17-13 06:42 PM

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