1. Lydotes's Avatar

    I have the same issue as this person. I started new thread since that one is too old...
    just wondering if anyone also have the same problem, or is it just me...

    Anyone else notice a gap around the edges, like it's not fitting together perfectly?

    For me, it's most noticeable on the upper right hand side. I'd say the gap is around 0.5mm, and pinching the edges closes the gap temporarily.

    Am I alone?
    12-05-11 05:22 PM
  2. Lydotes's Avatar
    bump... even if you don't...it is still nice to know...
    12-06-11 01:22 AM
  3. Chaddface's Avatar
    No gap here. If you posted a picture it might help. My glass is tight against the rubber which is tight against the back piece.
    12-06-11 01:55 AM
  4. Unsure2's Avatar
    Now that you mention it, mine looks like it might have a very slight gap, although there isn't much if any give. If there's a rubber in there, though, it might just be that it doesn't extend up to the top, giving the appearance of a gap. You could probably find a case that covers up the edge.
    12-06-11 02:16 AM
  5. Silverfern's Avatar
    mine doesnt look like it has any gap at all. Wanna take a pic so we can see?
    12-06-11 02:20 AM
  6. ralfyguy's Avatar
    No gap on mine either, but it bulges out on the back side where the BB logo is embedded. The backside is not flat like the the front.
    12-06-11 06:57 AM