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    Hi fellow CrackBerry Meisters,

    I have a 16GB PlayBook and have recently purchased a 64GB version. I want to give the 16GB to my son and keep the 64GB version for myself. I have used the 16GB version for over a year and now use the same BBID on both devices. I am aware of the limitations of this setup e.g. video calling and various apps that will not run on multiple devices running the same ID. What I would like to do is move my bookmarks created on the 16GB to the 64 GB, how would I do this whilst keeping all purchased apps (using the same BBID) on both devices? This also goes for game saves i.e Angry Birds; how do I move the save data for Angry Birds from one device to another?

    An couple of extra points I have; one relating to this, the other is not:

    I am fully aware of the limitations of running the same BBID on multiple PlayBooks as RIM generally require a separate PIN associated with separate BBID when using a similar hardware platform, to me this is a hangover from an ageing infrastructure that is very reliant on its PIN system (won't be surprised if this whole architecture is changed with the introduction of BB10; and have already seen their work around to this by moving to active sync for business email delivery). Apple currently supports up to 5 devices running on the same ID which generally avoids the scenario I am faced with.

    My second gripe is (and I can't really find any other posts regarding this on the internet) why haven't RIM thought about browser bookmark synchronisation across devices? I currently have loads of bookmarks on my BB handset that are not synced with my PlayBook. This means I now have loads of bookmarks on my handset and loads of bookmarks on my PlayBooks which are all out of sync, or have had to create the same bookmark on the different platforms; a real oversite from RIM from my point of view.

    Can any of you fellow CrackBerry fans provide any advice on the problems I am experiencing in the above scenarios. I am also aware that there are completely different concerns raised in the same post which should perhaps be broken out into separate topics.

    I look forward to hearing you responses.
    08-24-12 03:39 PM
  2. snakestyle's Avatar
    Simply, how do I move my PlayBook bookmarks from device one to another without overwriting other settings (just a bookmark transfer)?
    08-24-12 03:42 PM
  3. snakestyle's Avatar
    If I do a standard backup and restore will that bring across game save data as long as I have the same games installed on the new PlayBook?
    08-24-12 05:00 PM
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    I believe folks have restored SETTINGS from one pb to another pb using Desktop Manager. I think it is more or less all-or-nothing. Your two devices can share the same bbid and even share apps. You will run into problems trying to video chat with only ONE bbid. But i f the second pb is new, not too many settings would be in jeopardy.

    I'd say we are lucky we have some of the stuff we do have. Syncing bookmarks? Ha, we can't even rename or move them around. And we can't search on a webpage.
    08-24-12 05:42 PM
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    I am trying to transfer all my grandsons games from my PlayBook to his. No clue how to do this. Is there an easy way for a 10 year old and a grandmother to do this.
    11-11-13 08:11 PM