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    Yes, it's free. Even code signing keys are free now. Absolutely zero cost to publish an app on BB App World. I wouldn't rely too much on CB forums now that there seems to be an influx of trolls again, and these people care little to update themselves about RIM before spewing out misinformation.

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry App World Distribution
    There's a lot of misinformation posted in this thread. The above statement is 100% correct.

    RIM's share of revenue is 30%. It used to be 20% back in the days when the entry fee was $200 (I believe). For this price a developer could upload 10 new releases,after which another subscription was required to pay for the next ten.
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    none of the companies are doing this. 3rd party android pushers like samsung attack apple. apple pretty much ONLY attacks 3rd party android manufacturers. neither of them give a crap about the playbook.and if you look at any recent statistics about enterprise interest from users, its actually android in 1st place, iphone 2nd and then blackberry last.

    its playbook owners and the general public that are making a "front against RIM". thats what happens when you release shoddy products that not even the most loyal of RIM fans can stand behind.
    Sorry, not true, just read the Nov stats on a couple of IT Exchange sites and while there is interest shown for other platforms, RIM still has the lion's share of enterprise phones. If it's pads you're referring to, then you're right, as far as non-secure enterprise goes. Security enterprise, PB has the most interests, but only when used through a BB phone. That's based on an inside Aerospace industry newsletter. I can't speak for other industries.
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