1. danwebb955's Avatar
    Since I have gotten my BlackBerry PlayBook I have done nothing but stay on it looking at accessory I can buy for my PlayBook.
    I went from a hard case with a stand on to buying a Bluetooth keyboard which I am amazingly happy with turns it into a 7 laptop power house and just yesterday I have bought myself a micro hdmi to HD cable from currys and played salesman and convinced another fellow beng to purchase the playbook for 129 from currys/pc world.
    I am constantly on my PlayBook I hardly go on my desktop computer no more.
    Personaly I think the playbook is the best tablet out.
    08-30-12 06:13 PM
  2. der_mit's Avatar
    True. From one UK'er to another.
    08-30-12 07:05 PM
  3. dangerousfen's Avatar
    I just wonder how many of us UK'ers bought the playbook at that amazing price. I just couldn't resist.
    08-30-12 07:13 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Welcome. Continue to enjoy.
    08-30-12 07:37 PM
  5. ryder4587's Avatar
    same! I have the microsoft bluetooth keyboard 6000 which is quite big and I like it, the hdmi cable, and had to drop my iphone for a blackberry to use as bridge. Enjoying the experience so far. Only bummer is my usb port which doesn't seem to work anymore causing me to purchase the rapid charger. Haha I've invested in this thing and its worth it. I rarely use my laptops. And right now I'm on a trip playing words with friends with the gf. sweeeeet!

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    08-30-12 08:38 PM
  6. danwebb955's Avatar
    Well i actually bought my playbok for the 250 odd pound that itt originaly cost me because i was looking for a tablet and the sales assistent didnt really help me all that much so i did my own reaserch on them using the tablets there of course and they all pointed to the playbook. I piccked it up had a fiddle andd from then on i was set to buy one so i did and i havnt looked back since
    However i do kinda wish i did holdout for the 64 GB for 120 but i cant complain with my 32 GB. once the uk gets the movie store that the united states and Canada has got then i will defiantly be a very happy playbook owner.
    08-31-12 05:57 AM