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    sideloading works just fine in 2.1

    You sideload the same way as before. You need the DDPB installer and you have to put your pb into development mode under the Security Options.
    When OS2.1 came out, I read that it disabled the ability to sideload apps, but I now understand that it only disallowed the ability to sideload directly onto the PB without going thru a laptop or desktop computer. Apparently sideloading still works when you follow the instructions posted here:


    I followed those instructions and voil now I can read the WSJ on my PlayBook.

    So, nose officially thumbed at those earlier posters who wrote their vicious snarky remarks about "why advertise the PB in a newspaper if you can't even read that newspaper on a PB".

    Goes to show how people like that (trolls, that's what they are) will simply jump on ANY PIECE OF NEWS about the BB or the PB and make it sound negative. I say again the PB is an amazing device with amazing capabilites. Too bad there are so many folks willing to write anything to complain about it.
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