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    I just spent 1 1/2 hours with BB service on the phone

    when you go to ABOUT and choose HARDWARE you can see your storage and memory
    My total memory shows 1 GB
    my free memory show at the moment 193 mg

    when I restart the PB the max free memory is about 680 mb
    with no program running, turned of WIFI and Bluetooth is goes slowly down to about 510 mb
    now after 4 hours not using the PB, and no app running it shows 193mb

    I have problems of opening attachment, like pdf, xcl, doc, pictures, and my web browser crashes too often
    TV is and streaming is slow and there is contant stop for spooling
    cant see movies in Utube, sometimes Evernote does not open
    why is my free memory so low when there is no app running
    spoke with tech support, twice, send in 2 log reports, tech support could not find any fault, it actually tell me that they know about the problem and will fix it at the next update - if there ever will be one ...lol
    so there will be an update to PB OS 2.2
    does anyone has similar problem wit the memory?
    The techie even looked at his PB and the max free memory show on his PB was 560mb
    Thanks guys

    here it is for the tech support:
    Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support.
    I have looked into the log but there is no specific odd symptom i could found. So what are you expecting is known issue and it can be fix with next software update. Hope you enjoy your playbook.
    If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.
    Thank you again for contacting us.
    BlackBerry Customer Support
    NA Toll Free: 1-877-255-2377
    UK Toll Free: 0808 100 7466
    Europe: +44 1753 558400
    Worldwide: +1-647-426-1108
    Email: help@blackberry.com
    Web: Cell Phones, Smartphones & Mobile Phones from BlackBerry.com
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    And you have reloaded the OS?

    Have you loaded ANY android programs, either sideloading or from BBworld (appworld) where there are android programs.

    You can try sideloading App Manager which could show if something is running in the background.

    Good luck
    06-30-13 10:00 PM

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