1. corredor's Avatar
    I have not used my Playbook for some time. But I tried to use it today to surf the web. Unfortunately I could not because even though I know the password for my wireless connection, I forgot the password for my Blackberry Playbook and apparently I have to know this even to surf the web. I probably no longer have support. Any suggestions?
    05-14-14 08:03 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    That's what passwords are for. Either you remember your password, or you wipe your Playbook and start over. If you enter incorrect passwords 10 times, your Playbook will automatically wipe itself. Prior to doing this, though, if you had previously set up your PB to allow for wireless file transfers, you should be able to access your media files using your PC and save anything that you want to save. Otherwise, everything will be lost.
    05-14-14 08:30 PM

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