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    I forgot the password for my blackerry users account. Unfortunately I cannot retrieve it via email because the user name was my old email account which has subsequently changed. So far I have tried 7 different combinations for passwords that I normally use but to no avail. I am afraid to try more because I have heard that after 10 tries the playbook will automatically do a factory reset. If anyone knows how I can retrieve my password and or change the email address or user name without doing a hard reset please let me know.
    04-20-14 06:33 PM
  2. geekl33tgamer's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry!!!

    No one's ever mentioned on here about getting that info from a device. I guess if you could BlackBerry's security isn't well, um, secure...?

    You can change your BlackBerry ID for the device if you can't remember it's credentials by doing a security wipe only:

    If you don't have a back-up, you'll need to purchase apps again under your new ID. I've never seen any other way mentioned.

    If you had previously done a backup to the PlayBook files onto your computer, you will have to do a Security Wipe with your new, incorrect BBID. Then you would have to start from scratch in setting up your PlayBook again and when asked for a BBID, enter the original BBID. Once you are setup and running again, you can restore your original Backup.
    However if you never did an original Backup, your files are gone, unrecoverable. Whenever you change your BBID, a Security Wipe is done. This is part of BlackBerry Security.
    04-20-14 07:12 PM

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