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    Here I review my personal experiences with RDM+ and Splashtop; Citrix is next.
    I saw one whine that why is everybody so excited about controlling a 7" screen
    with a BB as its mouse - clearly this person has overlooked the incredible HDMI
    output capability from PB.

    RDM+ had a hard time installing because I was constantly confused as
    to which component (PB, PC, sky) I was adding an account to; seems
    secure - want log on of my PC to be harsh; mouse movement a bit clumsy;
    definitely could find all three monitors on my PC; KYBD support uninspiring;
    still on my PC; could not type commands to an x-window; Grade: B-

    Splashtop - trivial to install, in fact scary easy; mouse control very nice; KYBD
    support is intuitive and awesome; trashed my PC's homescreen icons - immediately
    uninstalled; looks, feels like Apple product - just happens, why do you worry about
    the details? Clueless as to how to find all three of my monitors. Grade: F

    What I am looking for: double or triple latching mechanism to permit my PC
    to be remotely controlled, with the boot default as NO, NO-WAY !!!!! Want fairly
    precise control of the mouse, which I am hoping my 9850's trackball will provide.
    (heavy breathing).


    OK, on 15-jan-11, uninstalled RDM+ from my PC - both it and Splashtop have items
    in the real-time task list (service); RDM+ was very persistent - would come right back
    even though I had killed its process tree. I definitely demand the style whereby I
    crank these apps up (before testing or leaving my place). Want ability to easily
    kill them from my remote PB (or BB phone).

    16-jan-12 Abandoned my efforts with Citrix after talking to my son Paul, a heavy
    hitter on networking: "Dad, do not do this with your PC!" He is willing to set me up
    with a secure / professional firewall system using Cisco hardware ($250 - $500).
    You would need a really good reason to do so: we are not talking about your favorite
    family photos, but your valuable intellectual property. In my case, I have just been
    curious and building a remote desktop represented a challenge, not a necessity.
    There is no justification for my activity in this area that directly exposes my work
    to theft using the Internet. This is not drama, it is the reality of the Internet.
    When I surf, I first physically connect to my router and get thing done. Then I
    physically disconnect from the Internet. Period. Full Stop. The addition of WiFi
    in our homes seems very convenient, but it is dangerous.

    22-jan-12 Finally got IMT VNC to work: now I cannot get it to re-crank. Not
    reliable but still on my PB and PC as judged not dangerous in that it does not need
    to make contact with a mothership in the sky/clouds: seems to confine itself to
    my local home WiFi setup, which is what I am looking for right now. GRADE: B-

    Could not get alphaVNC to work yet.

    Please note: none of the apps discussed above resemble a native RDP type
    facility whereby you are just logging into another node of your Windows network.

    Doc Neutron
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    Interesting review. Let us know what you settle on.

    Splashtop: No loss of pc icons. Remote use is too laggy to be practical. In-home seems reasonable. I do have questions about security.

    01-13-12 08:43 PM
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    I actually bought Splashtop... :/

    I didn't come around to using it yet, but I am curious why oponions vary so widely on this app... Some love it to death while others, like you, give it F grades.
    01-13-12 08:45 PM
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    I give an F to any remote app that requires software on the PC ..

    But I'm critical that way..

    The droid RDP port works great for me .. I could care less about connecting to "home" versions of Windows.
    01-13-12 09:07 PM
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    splash security.
    For a casual user mostly over the home network is there much of a concern? I don't care that someone could see what I'm doing from the monitor. My PC is not very secure to begin with.
    What I would like to know is if having that their software running on the PC all the time is risky from a security standpoint? Would it be any easier for someone to gain access then it would be if the software wasn't there?
    01-13-12 09:27 PM