1. belial1996's Avatar
    just got the playbook for christmas, and i love it!
    i want to create folders to clean up the screen. any tips?
    12-30-12 11:38 AM
  2. antonio crawley's Avatar
    yes just keep your finger pressed on one of the icons until it pulses drag it to another icon and that"s it.careful not to delete it though by pressing on it again and sending it to the delete bin. thanks tony:
    12-30-12 11:44 AM
  3. gtiffany's Avatar
    Dragging one icon onto another will create a folder. Just don't put all folders on the Home bar. Don't remove all the icons from the Home bar either. You have to leave at least one icon there. You can also drag icons to new screens once you tap and hold to start them shaking. This will allow you to set up separate screens for Games, reading apps, work apps, and so on. You can create an unlimited number of screens to be accessed by scrolling sideways.
    FF22 likes this.
    12-30-12 11:56 AM

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