1. Brian Levy's Avatar
    Been trying to get Flix up and running and seems I have the PB side sorted out but can not get my Vista laptop to play nice with the Flix plugin. The audio does not recognize my system and when I run Flix with the PC option set to see the show on the pc also, the viewer comes up black. The PB's screen changes.to a blank, likewise so, they are communicating. I have confirmed Netflix is working through the laptop.

    The Vista is a clean and recent install. Has anyone gotten the system to run on Vista. I just may upgrade the computer to 7 tomorrow but, hate to do it and kill the day with 10 million updates.

    The 2 PB apps for Flix actually are pretty good and I have not found them sluggish though I am not sure why Dan just did not marry the 2 together. I just open the first, select the film and the app closes and tells me to open the Flix. The selection has already been captured and just need to click view movie.
    10-09-14 04:55 PM
  2. g-k's Avatar
    My Windows 8 PC is not able to connect my PB via Flix. I have the same issue as described. Fortunately I have the possybility to watch Netflix via the Netflix App of the Windows 8 . Nevertheless I 'd prefer my PB due to convenience reasons.
    10-10-14 04:58 AM

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