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    I used to watch streaming casts from Vaughn Live - Coming at you LIVE! [ Vaughn Live - Coming at you LIVE! [ http://vaughnlive.tv ] Live Streaming, Live Events, Live Video, Social Entertainment ] Live Streaming, Live Events, Live Video, Social Entertainment on my Playbook & Q10 no problem but recenty I get the no flash installed message. I can still view flash on most other websites.
    Does anyone know the reason for this ?

    02-28-14 07:35 PM
  2. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    It sounds as though Vaugh Live expects a more recent version of Adobe Flash than is currently available on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

    Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.
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    02-28-14 08:41 PM
  3. beman39's Avatar
    Also be careful it could also be those stupid FAKE pop ups that are on sites to fool you into thinking your flash is outdated but what it really wants is To install is malware! Just try to press play again and it should work... might take a Couple of tries.
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    03-01-14 12:42 AM
  4. loreburne's Avatar
    It must be that... I download a small update to my Q10 firmware and the sites now work on that..hopefully BlackBerry will update the PlayBook to the new flash too!

    Posted via CB10
    03-01-14 10:09 AM
  5. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    This must be site entrenched with flash with no plans to offer HTML5 content. Same thing with android flash browsers. Must not care about mobile viewers. If BB10 is still rendering correctly, BBRY must still be updating mobile flash.
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    03-01-14 02:23 PM

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