1. urbanmx's Avatar
    Don't flame me I have a legit question. My friend has all mac stuff, he borrowed my PB to watch some japanese TV show. He says he wants a PB just to watch his show. Isn't there some flash player for mac PC's that he can download, and save $150 bucks?
    11-02-12 02:12 PM
  2. cjcampbell's Avatar
    I have an iMac and yes, it plays flash and it came like that. Didn't have to download anything. I do believe, though, that you have to enable it. I can't remember as it's been over 5 years. I believe it's just their mobile devices that don't support it.
    11-02-12 02:25 PM
  3. danjv1's Avatar
    Second that!

    Ipads are the ones that can NOT play flash , mac computers ( not pc's) can play flash.
    11-02-12 03:46 PM
  4. Sonic-NKT's Avatar
    what kind of question is this? all OSX devices do flash just fine, its iOS device that dont support it.
    And yes its free :P so if you dont want to play on a mobile device a playbook is not needed....
    11-02-12 04:04 PM
  5. bdegrande's Avatar
    Or if you don't want to install Flash, just use the Chrome browser, it has Flash support built in. You can also see Flash videos on iOS devices, browsers like Photon, Skydrive, and iSwifter support it (not Chrome on iOS, though).
    Last edited by bdegrande; 11-02-12 at 07:14 PM.
    11-02-12 04:31 PM
  6. urbanmx's Avatar
    Thanks I'll tell him.
    11-02-12 07:10 PM

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