1. rpm_1509's Avatar
    Ok so I finally went with a PB after researching all the available tablets out there. Picked p my 16gb Playbook and within 10 days, it just stopped working and would not recharge. I took it back to FS, I was impressed with the tablet so much I picked up a 32gb for the extra $50.00. Hopefully all goes well. Has anyone had similar problems with charging issues?
    01-05-12 05:56 PM
  2. rastasurf's Avatar
    Actually i was worried when i first got mine this past Christmas that the battery life would be shortened because of being too anxious by playing with it prematurely while it was charging, from experience with an android tablet before it shortened the life at least half that it was unless the battery sucked to begin with, but needless to say with my BB Playbook, it'll last around 24 hours with me picking it up and watching some videos for 30-40 mins every hour or two. But i couldve gotten lucky to get this one but i doubt it.... seems like they'd be built the same except for a faulty one every million or so...i guess. BB 4Life!...lol
    01-05-12 06:13 PM