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    Some time ago I'd mentioned that I had found a way to provide stream URLs to overcome the llimitations of Today's Alarm Clock (that full-featured clock/radio app that displays sports score, traffic conditions, stocks and weather, as well as date and time) for those streams embedded in a Flash player that Today's Alarm Clock doesn't know how to handle. I'd mentioned that I'd been using streema.com, but I've since lost my patience with them, as they persist in substituting Ottawa for the Toronto stream, and I'd rather wake up to Metro Morning.

    In that frustration, my desperation led me to search again, only to find a site that I've (and likely you've) known about already. Tunein, of course.

    With tunein, just search for the station you want...it's likely to be there, given what I see on my BlackBerry app. Follow the links until you get a player, and copy that URL. Much to my surprise, Today's Alarm Clock likes it.

    As for the CBC streams, it's pretty straightforward, as they all follow a standard naming convention:


    where cty is the city code:

    MTL - Montreal
    OTT - Ottawa
    TOR - Toronto
    EDM - Edmonton
    CGY - Calgary
    VCR - Vancouver
    VIC - Victoria
    HFX - Halifax
    REG - Regina
    (and others)
    And 'x' is either 1 for Radio One or 2 for Radio 2...not all cities that have R1 will have an R2 stream, from what I've seen, Calgary appears to be the one I didn't find. 'H', by the way, is for high-bit rate, the other of course, is 'L'...why one would want to listen to the low rate, though, escapes me.

    This may not work for all tunein streams, but the general idea likely holds true.
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