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    Its been a real pleasure of late, to come to the PlayBook forum and read the personal reviews of the device! Sinse the sales (kindle made price cuts nessassary, not the lack of value in PB although 399.00 looks like where they should have started the price point in My view) and all the new PB owners have been steping up and expressing thier enthusiasim for the device. It has, should and will become harder for the negative media and internet blogers like, BGR (say what you will for their support of PB) to lie, disreguard and deface it.
    The truth gets harder to suppress with every new user. Early adopters that fought all that time defending the praises, can feel some solice as a large batch of new adopters are about to realise how fantastic this device and its OS are and that the product gets better every day.
    Many of the early adopter always understood what the shortcumings of the playbook were, but loved the he!! out of it for what it was and was becoming. Just what they bought it for. But never before were they ever expected to help fight for the life of their new purchase, against some of the largest media organisations in the US, the laimest of blogers on the internet to the smallest of trolls on CB, endlessly. Most of us remember it all. That fight will have just got easyier.
    To the new adopters of the PB, your going to love it! Thank you for posting your thoughts, enjoy spreading the word. It's a quality, hidden secret that people should have a chance to enjoy. Never let some little CB trool with nothing better to do discourage your enjoyment.
    Go RIM!!
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    12-26-11 08:57 AM
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    loving mine
    12-26-11 09:51 AM
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    I got two for my wife and me for Christmas. We were really impressed by this tablet. Went out at 6:30 a.m. (Boxing Day in Canada), this morning to buy 2 more for our daughters.

    Had to go to Walmart (limit 1 per customer), then The Source (only available online), then Staples to get them both.

    As I was lining up outside The Source, waiting for it to open, a women in front of me was going to buy 2 more for her children, as well. Goodness, I would like to see the sales figures for the past 6 weeks for Playbooks.

    Happy holidays, all.
    12-26-11 10:11 AM