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    Found out about Dolphin browser (rated three stars but it seems like a topnotch application).

    Noticed there are no add-ons currently available for Dolphin on the Playbook but that is besides the point.

    Features | Dolphin Browser

    Guide on how to sync between Dolphin on the Playbook and Chrome browser on a pc:


    Not sure if both types of sync work (Dolphin only and Dolphin + Chrome) but for me, syncing just the Dolphin browser will do fine.

    To sync, all I did was press sync on top of the Bookmarks column in Dolphin (to get this column to appear, slide from the left-most part of the browser an inch or two to the right. Once I've done this, I then click on the Dolphin add-on in Chrome (on my pc) and choose sync.

    Hope this helps people who had trouble syncing bookmarks between the Playbook and a pc.
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    Thank you for this post and links. much appreciated.
    12-02-12 08:40 PM