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    I installed this app. And I'm lost. I want to create folders and move the photos I took with my PB into the folders. The photos are already there - 360 in one place. I am losing it - cannot find out HOW in the App I create the folders and then how I select and move photos into the specific files. When I open the App it comes up with playbook:/ in the upper left corner and size, created, modified..... NOTHING MAKES SENSE. I am a basic user - I really, really need step by step instructions on this before I throw my playbook through a glass window. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks so very, very, very much.
    06-07-12 05:02 PM
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    "It's easy to use Files & Folders. But if you get lost, need to know more or just like to know all the details, just swipe down, tap help and check out the built-in user manual with lots of handy tips."
    06-07-12 05:12 PM
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    First, tap "accounts" on the right side of the screen. Then, tap "1000". Then, tap "shared". Then tap "camera". The pics you've taken with your PB should be in here. Then tap the icon on the top that looks like 3 checks. This will let you multi select items. Then tap the check marks at the far right for all the files you want to move. Then tap Cut to clipboard on the left hand side of the screen. Then tap the back arrow, top left of screen. Then tap photos. This will open your photos folder. Then tap new folder on the left. Give it a name. Tap on that folder to open it. Then tap Paste to (name). Done.
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    The PlayBook only lets you create files & folders in sub-folders of your "shared" folder (playbook:/accounts/1000/shared). If you are in playbook:/, that's the root of the file system, and off-limits. That's why F&F doesn't offer to create folders or paste files there.

    As noted in previously in this thread, you'll need to:

    1. navigate to your playbook:/accounts/1000/shared/camera folder to find your pictures.
    2. Next, tap the multi-select button, choose the photos you want to move by tapping the check mark for each file, then tap Cut to put them in the clipboard.
    3. Then navigate to a folder where you want to put them (inside "shared", remember) and tap Paste.

    If you get lost in the file system and need to find your way back to your "shared" folder, just back up as far as you can to the root, then follow the highlighted folders. You can also configure F&F from the settings screen to start up there.

    This forum and its helpful users offer excellent advice, but feel free to e-mail our support mailbox if you get stuck. We're here to help.
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    Your instructions were THE best. You've made my day. Thank you very, very much!!! Awesome.
    06-07-12 08:21 PM
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    06-08-12 02:23 AM