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    When I plug my PB into my PC, and enter the password, the PB gets mounted as one of my drives. But it doesn't seem to be an accurate representation of what is on the PB, it seems to be showing me only /accounts/1000/shared, it treats this as the root directory.

    Is there a way to mount the PB from the *real* root directory / on a PC?

    ie: I need to get my books from /accounts/1000/shared/books into /sdcard/Books (which is where my epub readers look for them). I cannot do this on a PC? Why is it setup like this? Which one is the shortcut and which is the real folder? This is confusing.



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    09-17-12 10:45 AM
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    There is no SDcard/books folder. But no, your PC doesn't see the sd card folder. What does see it, though, is Ghost Commander (free in app world) You can transfer files from your PC to your PB, then move them with Ghost to any folder you want, including folders in the SDcard directory.
    edit- all of the SDcard folders are duplicated in accounts/1000/shared/misc/android You can try putting your books in here
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    09-17-12 11:00 AM