1. meihman's Avatar
    it is set but i forget what it is! not even sure how it was set to start with. how can i change it?
    10-14-12 08:09 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I think that if you don't recall the PASSWORD (no matter how it became set), you may have to do either a security wipe (if that clears the password) or a full Debrick (reload OS entirely)

    You might wait to see if anyone else can help. Or try remembering what your password is.

    Security Wipe is done via the Gear/options, Security, Wipe.


    Try the Debrick method....

    Perform a backup of your pb if you can using Desktop Manager or, at least, manually coping any unique data, photos, voice recordings, documents, etc.

    1) Turn your playbook OFF by holding down the power button
    2) Let your playbook sit for about 10 minutes as earlier suggested.
    3) After letting the PB sit (and still powered off) open up the Blackberry Desktop Software (the latest version)
    4) Once the Blackberry Desktop Software is opened, use the USB Cable and hook the PB to the PC.. THEN power on the Playbook
    5) A screen will show on your computer showing that the device cannot be found
    6) Click on Update. It will take awhile
    10-14-12 09:04 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    You set a password on the pb for file sharing? If so someone posted this on another forum.

    If you forget the file sharing password, but you have access to a Windows box which has remembered the credentials, there are free tools you can download that will extract the password and show it to you. I had to do this to recover my PB file share password once. Just be careful that what you download for this doesn't have malware attached...
    10-14-12 09:31 AM
  4. Herve5's Avatar
    Aside the trick proposed above by kbz, what I can tell is, at the time of OS2.0 I had access to BlackBerry's official phone helpline, and I raised the very same issue.
    The bland reply was, only a full wipe would solve it!
    Maybe this changed wit 2.1 (I don't know) but definitely, the enormous hassle it caused me I do remember...
    10-14-12 10:18 AM
  5. polytan02's Avatar

    I had the same issue as you.....

    You cannot really do much (which is ridiculus as if you know the master password of your playbook then you should be able to wipe the file sharing password ).

    Anyway, or you remember the password (which I did after a few days...) or you wipe your playbook.
    10-14-12 11:11 AM

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