1. incongruent's Avatar
    So.... The playbook supports lots of video formats. Sure, but murphys law comes into play and the file i copy to the playbook nearly always is not compatible. Generally what I read on the forums requires PC programs to convert / re-encode before copying the file. But having a playbook really replaced my desktop mostly and I don't relish starting over again and going thru tedious steps on the PC.

    Firstly, is there any app that will locally convert a unsupported format on the playbook to a supported format?

    Assuming not, i know dosbox works on playbox. I also found a ffmpeg binary for dos but not sure how reliable it is (less than 100 downloads). But the thing required dpmi. I installed cwsdpmi 0.9 and ran it by setting a manual swap file location but after starting cwsdpmi and running the ffmpeg.exe it just hung with no results. Not sure if i goofed along the way, so i thought i'd ask... Has anyone tried this before? Is this a lost cause or something someone more familiar with dosbox could pull off?
    02-02-13 08:05 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Don't know if it's a lost cause, but if you purchase Kalemsoft Media Player from app world, it will play virtually any video formats you can throw at it, including most if not all formats not supported by the stock PB Videos player.
    02-02-13 09:30 PM
  3. incongruent's Avatar
    Oh. I'll look into that as an alternative. Does it support presentation mode on hdmi?

    It seems a waste to not use the built in player.
    02-03-13 06:20 AM

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