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    Dear Mr. Heins,
    first I'm sorry for my bad English but i'll try my best.

    I don't understand why there should be an Android App player. Wouldn't it be easier for all sites to dual boot the playbook with Android and QNX?

    Don't having to Update the App player (RIM), don't having to port .apk to .bar for developers and using best of both worlds for Users.

    Just implement shared folders for media etc. and safe folders for everything the USER don't want to share to both OS ...

    I have no idea how much work it would be to do this but I think it should be less than programming the app player and keep it up to date And if developers want their Apps running perfectly and secure running on playbook they have to build an QNX app.

    I would like to use my bought Android Apps on playbook and i don't think it would be possible with the app player. Getting Navigon navigator to playbook would be my dream ...

    I've seen a Video playbook running Honeycomb and ICS inside the QNX, it run smooth so i know how powerfull QNX could be but this way i think there would be less memory for both OSs.

    Hope i got to the point i wanted to and there aren't that much mistakes.


    01-28-12 02:38 AM
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    Just by an android tab already, jeez......
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    01-28-12 05:28 AM
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    You took the right username dude
    01-28-12 08:28 AM
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    Security is the main reason for running Android programs differently.

    Letting thousands of Android programs loose in Playbook would cause major security and virus threats.
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    01-28-12 08:34 AM
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    You took the right username dude

    That dude's a pig

    Are you running Google's Chrome browser
    01-28-12 08:57 AM
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    Mr. Heins, welcome to the post and wish you a successful pass as CEO of the company.

    As I know you may take in good account the voice of the client. I would like to point out my thoughts and those of my friends that actually own or want to own a Playbook.

    Please make sure that this Tablet becomes really the best productivity on the go device available in the market. We need areally input-output efficient tool... ( Just writting, correcting and editing this post is a really really hard wor, all my crackberryan friends know what I am meaning... ) keyboard, cursor, autocorrect and predictive text, file exchange, USB OTG, file printing are not enhancements... they are basic functionality missing as of today from the OS.

    Next make sure the minimum office software be present with mature developments, Office to Go, Acrobat reader and file explorer are insuficient and primitive... please note that I am not talking about media an entertainment, a field that has a lot of carencies too, visual design is as scarce as if we business people had our aesrhetic part of the brain erased...

    Of course I am not expecting all of this would be delivered on the much awaited February OS upgrade... but it woul make a lot of good if the lacking features would be scheduled and announced for a next and no distant upgrade...

    I am sure that with a policy of commitment and comunication you will grew momemtum, sales increase and share steady growing...
    01-28-12 09:47 AM
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    While I can possibly appreciate the OP's post, I can see the ability to run Native PB apps and at the same time run an android app can be very convenient. Rather than closing down the pb, restarting to run a quick android app. Close it down, restart and now run a pb app. That could be tedious.
    01-28-12 10:10 AM