1. Velocitytrap's Avatar
    I've been using the Playbook for several months or more now and lately I have noticed something odd. The Playbook seems to have a quicker response and load times when I view things in portrait mode over landscape mode. I use glimpse new reader (I love this program. To bad they stopped developing on it) and it's a little slow in landscape. I often have to wait to load stories and just in general. I switched to using it in portrait mode and there is a huge difference in speed. Could this be something to do with the programming or how much information is on the screen at once? maybe it's just this program but the browser seems quicker too.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
    12-02-12 02:41 PM
  2. Optimus4's Avatar
    Yes noticed it as well. Since the beginning with os 1.0.
    I wonder if there are any other treads about this? Could it be rendering the screen in landscape mode takes more time?
    12-02-12 02:59 PM

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