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    Sign, agree or not, RIM couldn't get simple maths right.

    Does anyone remember that not long ago, in appWorld after viewing details of an app and then returned to all, the display order of all apps in that category suddenly all changed?

    It's fixed tho.

    Today, I am really let down by their ratings/review system.

    First of all, unlike Google Android's rating/review system, it appears comments are moderated/censored. After a few hours, my negative comment (nothing dirty) about an app is still not there.

    And the most crappy thing is, for comments of any app, if you look at first page, you get latest, old and older, but when you click more or 2nd page, instead of seeing even older comments, you see latest, old and older again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Any bugs in AppWorld have nothing to do with PlayBook. Closed!
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    07-11-12 08:18 AM