1. rossjackson01's Avatar
    Video for Faceflow regarding BB10. Looks good.
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    01-17-13 02:01 PM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    01-17-13 02:08 PM
  3. deblod's Avatar
    Are they bringing face flow app to ipad, too?
    My wife has the ipad and myself the pb. It would be great to use the native apps with apple fans.
    01-17-13 04:57 PM
  4. nerdfly's Avatar
    Visit the site and your questions will be answered
    01-17-13 07:26 PM
  5. kwelamnp's Avatar
    I went to web link and even signed up. Looks like a nice simple interface. But have some questions:

    - There is an option to buy time, presumably for landline calls. But how do we find out what the call rates are to different parts of world?
    - Is there no text messaging as there is in Skype? (often used to leave message if other party is off-line.)

    OK, I think I found answers. There did seem to be a public and a random chatroom (but not places I would want to frequent!) How would we chat with a friend?

    I found landline call costs 5c/min to any phone. (Does that mean worldwide?) For North America, Skype is 2.7c/min.
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    01-17-13 07:54 PM

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