1. xburntx's Avatar
    Im just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue of having facebook and the browser open at the same time and suddenly the facebook app closes itself randomly? Any fix for this? Im running the latest software update before 2.0 beta. Thanks everyone
    01-11-12 05:03 PM
  2. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Poor wi-fi connection, too many folks on the internet at the same time are the usual suspects. Happens with my Apple products, my PC, laptops, etc....
    01-11-12 05:21 PM
  3. robsteve's Avatar
    The Beta has quite a bit less free memory than the 1.0.8 OS. This makes the browser and other apps a bit less reliable in all the Betas. I usually can only put up with this crashing for a day or two before I revert back to the regular OS.

    In addition, 1.0.8 has more recent versions of Adobe Air and Flash than the Beta.
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    01-11-12 05:34 PM