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    Hi folks

    After upgrading to OS some apps didn't work quite well, so I decided to do a Security Wipe to clean things up. The thing is that after rebooting the PB I was asked to install " OS Update" which consisted of 63 Mb. Strange as it seemed, I went on and installed the thing.

    No real differences from regular update (just used it a couple of minutes) but now viewing pictures from my Torch via Bridge works like a charm!

    Did I get an incomplete update yesterday? Or is RIM pushing out aditional "hotfixes" to the OS addressing key elements such as BB Bridge?


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    06-09-11 03:43 PM
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    So, if you do a security wipe, the phone recovers the OS itself? Others have recommended the debrick process instead. I'm vacillating...
    06-09-11 05:59 PM
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    From my chats about my fried pb from the update, they had me try to d/l it again the following day. Its a new build of the same os possible (in addition to possibly deleted icons and such coming thru as per other threads)
    Pb packed, rma'd and ready for fedex tomorrow.

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    06-09-11 06:58 PM
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    I believe there was an issue with the update. My Appworld froze on the splash screen. I waited for over 24 hours before biting the bullet and doing what others did, a security wipe, followed by the obligatory update. That fixed the appworld issue and some issues with the bridge I was having. Nice to have a clean upload but a pain to load all my music, videos, photos, and apps back on (I have the 64G model and LOVE it).

    There should be a fix for by uploads. I did mine through the desktop app and still had issues. Maybe a complete desktop load with all apps complete. Then we can do like we do with our phones, select an app to add or delete. With poorly loaded apps we can delete and reload them to fix the issues. Beats a security wipe...
    06-09-11 07:13 PM