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    Secret known to more than one person is known to the world!

    Looks like somebody leaked it. It wasn't me.

    I hope that publicly sharing the code will not lead to order cancellations.

    Anyway, I thought I would rather see CBers use the code than some random slickdealer who doesn't know what he wants as long as it's priced low.

    P.S. Huge thanks to edsam for taking much of his time to share the code internally here on CB.
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    01-26-12 06:55 PM
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    Go, go, go. We want more Playbookers to ensure we have more developers. We want more developers to ensure we have more Playbookers. Repeat, 500 times.

    Hope they will honor all the orders. Mine including
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    01-26-12 07:02 PM
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    What an 1d1ot whoever leaked that. Pointless...probably one of those worthless trolls...
    01-26-12 07:27 PM
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    i would bet rimm new that a leak would happen. In the end they would benefit as the sale is only SHORT term.

    puts some added incentive or pressure on the people that may have needed a little pat on the bum.

    go ahead its ok, you can do it, now is the time.
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    01-26-12 07:31 PM