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    I stumbled upon these fairly old reviews (Oct 2010-May 2011) and it got me wondering which is better, more accurate and trustworthy, an 'Expert' review or a User review? Perhaps a bit of both which is why I always try before I buy whenever possible. Word of mouth is extremely important as well. Nevertheless, I think a product review should still be used as a good starting point but always taken with a grain of salt.

    iPad2 review/rating, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Playbook review/rating
    I realize there are hundreds more reviews of this nature showing alternate results. It just surprises me a little that iPad2/Samsung users rated their devices a little lower than the cnet expert and the Playbook users rated their chosen device much higher than the cnet expert.

    Both types of reviews will undoubtedly contain some bias. That's just human nature.
    Is the user's opinion a bit 'better' because presumably they have had and used their chosen device for a longer period of time? Should the expert review carry more weight because they have likely tried and tested a wider variety of similar devices?

    I guess the one thing I take from the reviews is that Playbook owners generally like their choice very much despite what the experts have to say/write about it.

    Of the two sources, who's opinion would you trust more...the experts or the users?
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    Hands down users. As much as they may claim to be expect opinions some of those websites are in bed with certain makers and will clearly give a nicer review just because of that.
    01-03-12 02:16 PM
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    That cnet review seems fair. I don't know why they knocked it down to a 2 star tho, it should've been 3 star imo. Once the OS2 comes out its easily a 4 or 5 star device.

    They knock the lack of apps (true), reliance on bb phone for key features (somewhat true)... atleast they're not complaining about the power button. Even tho mine isn't raised its not much of an issue.

    User reviews... I wouldn't follow them, they generally are biased. If someone likes something, they mark it 10/10 or 5/5. They don't consider flaws, generally. If someone doesn't like it, they'll give it a 0 regardless of the positives. Just look at metacritic and you'll see some products with critic reviews of 7-9 and user reviews of 2-3 for the same product. User reviews are subject more to bias.
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    The users, good and bad. If you really own a PB, and you objectively assess it, you're either gonna' love it, or hate it; thankfully, most real owners love it...the ones who hate it typically fall into I like a bigger screen so I can enjoy my games more, or 'rhoid is the bomb crowd. Real users aren't paid, so overwhelmingly, their reviews are more objective.

    The so-called "experts" don't know diddly squat...they are motivated only by their boss' desire to keep those ad dollars flowing, so he who spends the most, gets the best review.
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    I take both with a grain of salt, but I trust owner reviews more. One caveat is to pay attention to what the owner review is saying. Some owners will slam a product just because of one simple feature that they don't like or the product doesn't have.
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    USER Reviews definitely. While users might be bias but they are the opinions of consumers using hundreds if not thousands of off the shelves devices verses a few Experts using a few devices.

    Even if the Users are not technical and does not understand what is going on. The Users represent the consumers. A successful product needs to satisfy the consumers. That is why, while I like my Playbook, I would not recommend it to friends that are not tech savvy. Playbook is not ready for the general public yet.

    Didn’t someone was saying the iPad is for DUMB people?
    01-03-12 02:53 PM
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    Seems like she didn't give a full explanation about the bridge and email functionality, and she just couldn't bring herself to say the Playbook is just as good a the iPad. She is bias and I don't like her! Lady at the very least you could have been fair, but no! You love iPad and I can see right through your crappy review! Whatever!
    01-03-12 03:03 PM
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    wUsers= personal use and knowledge of the device on a daily bases. They may not like one or two things so read between lines of negative review.
    Expert= quick overview putting through a series of pre determind tests. compare those results against other like devices. Also, who paid for the comparison influences the results. Personal preference may also bias results.
    Not always but I will take " I love/hate this device for these reasons" over " this is how these devices compare"
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