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    New here. Hi I'm really enjoying reading the various threads and learning a lot. Here's my bit (sorry, I'm really wordy).

    I bought a 16gb PB on a whim a couple weeks ago. I've never owned a BB before or any kind of tablet. I skimmed some of the reviews before I put in my order so I knew about the lack of email/calendar, Netflix etc, but I figured it was worth giving a shot at $199. My Apple fanboy friend laughed at me and predicted I would regret my order. He was right...kinda. As soon as I got it, I fell in love with it and immediately regretted not buying one with more storage. Everything worked great: the UI was intuitive, the screen was beautiful, it sounded good and I loved surfing on it. It didn't even have the back bulge I had read so much about here. BUT, I wanted more storage to take movies with me when I travel (I can't tether and have no wi-fi at a lot of places I go) and for all the pics/video that I had already started to take with the PB.

    So, I returned my 16gb and ordered a 64gb when the price came down to $299. Now I'm wondering if maybe I should have just left well enough alone and worked with the smaller storage, because my 16gb was perfect and my 64gb has the bulge. It's not really noticeable to the eye, but it wobbles. The right side will lay on the table, but the left side sits up higher and doesn't make contact with the surface. When I touch the left side to type or move the "joystick" in Nova, the PB wobbles and will start to spin if my finger pressure isn't straight down. It's annoying enough that I want to return it, but I'm hesistant because it seems fine otherwise. The power button works just fine and it doesn't have any dead pixels which I've read others dealing with and is something that would drive me bonkers.

    Now, I'm trying to decide whether to return it or live with it. I've read here that most think the bulge is cosmetic and shouldn't be a problem if the area doesn't seem to get too hot, right? My PB doesn't seem overly hot, so assuming that's true, I'd rather have a bulge than a dead pixel, but I really would prefer neither. I just don't want to get stuck with a worse one. Do you think I will have much of a problem if I'm not satisfied with the replacement and I want a different one again? Would it be better to go through Best Buy since I'm still in the 14-day return perior or deal directly with RIM?

    On another note, I'm having trouble with my wi-fi. Somehow the configuration gets disabled and then I can't get the PB to acquire an IP address. I tried changing the channel and doing the 2.4 only instead of dual band and only doing the b/g with no n, but I'm not having much luck. I'm assuming this is just a matter of figuring out the right configuration, and not a PB problem though. I'd appreciate any suggestions on this front as well.
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    Can't comment on the WiFi issue, but the bulge is a common occurrence. Unless it bothers you too much, the bulge is harmless. As you said, I would also rather have the bulge than dead pixels or other more serious problems (I had two Playbooks with multiple dead pixels myself and they drove me nuts).

    If it does bother you, then I would suggest that you exchange it while you can and make sure you thoroughly inspect the replacement right in the store.
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    My policy always is. The product should be perfect to the customer.
    If you are dissatisfied in anyway. Return it.
    Get another one with even worse problems, return it.

    Ive settled a couple times. Each time was awful. It always drove me insane.
    Bold 9700 had a slight light leak and wobbly track pad. Ordered replacement parts that ended up being worse than the original
    Palm Pre+ had a slight malfunction with the keyboard where sometimes pushing the letter "M" would just repeat over and over. Plus the right side of the keyboard stuck out.
    I ended up trying to claim warranty and they claimed it was user damage. So i got stuck with it like that.
    iPhone 3GS had a bad power/sleep button. It was sunken in, i really had to push or use my finger nail. It ended up breaking, nothing Apple would do unless i wanted to pay the repair fee.

    Either way after those instances i ALWAYS make sure its perfect to me.
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    I also consider the bulge a defect. But with that, at that price, many have found a case evens it out and the bulge is "gone" but then you do need a case to hide the blemish. If you purchased it locally, you can try returning it and check any new one before leaving the store. Or you can use the "hair dryer fix" and heat the rear case a bit and push in and it should be fixed.

    Wifi - well, it sounds as if you know what to change. Besides the 2.4/5 issue, there is the b/g/n issue and also some have found changing the Channel (numbers 1... 11 (eleven is the top??) can also help some people. Have you tweaked all of those yet? Also, any cordless (not cell phones) phones around? Anything else hogging your network (torrent or other large downloads)?
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    I would probably return/exchange unit for the bulge issue if it were me, but mine stays in a Blurex slim leather case all of the time, so I would actually never notice the bulge.

    As for the wifi, when I got my 64gb PB (traded up from my old 16gb unit), it would not connect to one of my older, but closer, more frequently used G-band routers at work that has no N-band, connected perfectly to all other G, N and dual-band routers at home and at work without issues. The one it would not connect to had the disabled symbol and message in the wifi profiles on the PB. It would not connect to it with WPS, tried resetting the router, nothing worked until I disabled bluetooth and wifi on both my PB and BB phone, deleted the profile for that router on the PB, then rebooted PB, enabled BT and wifi on both units, the deleted profile reappeared and since then everything has connected automatically since without changing any settings on anything.
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    Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the lateness, I got swamped with other stuff. So, I called customer service to see what they had to say about it and the rep told me it's a known issue and to try to return it to Best Buy or I could send it on warranty if I was out of the return policy. I told her I could live with it if she could tell me it was cosmetic only. She put me on hold and then told me she checked with a tech who said it sounded like the battery swelling. ?!?! Maybe it's from reading the posts here, but I'm still not sure it isn't cosmetic, but I returned it anyway. FWIW, the Best Buy tech who took my return thought it was cosmetic because of the placement and shape of the bulge compared to what he thought a swollen battery of that type would cause.

    Anyway, my new Playbook should be here Monday. Here's hoping for a flat back and no dead pixels. I'll try out the WiFi advice then.

    Btw, the Best Buy tech told me his dad had one and he seemed both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about it.
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    Exchange it. You spent your hard-earned money on it, and if you're like me..you'll probably regret NOT exchanging it, after the 14 day period is over haha. I exchanged mine 4 times I think, when I first got mine in May. Finally got the perfect one, and I felt good about it, who cares if you annoy Best Buy employees, they get paid anyways
    01-26-12 11:22 PM
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    If the bump was in the middle right around the logo it was probably just a cosmetic defect. The batteries(2) are on either side with the cpu in the middle. As long as the back doesn't change shape over time you should be fine. No harm looking for a flat on though.
    Both of my PB's have a bump right in the middle. My wife exchanged three through staples before giving up. She always has it in a case and it's not noticable at all.
    Glad your enjoying it.
    01-26-12 11:41 PM
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    Well, I received my replacement and ARGH - STUCK PIXEL (white on a black background). It actually had two, one bottom right and one center left, but the bottom one went away after a while. Unfortunately, after using Screen Helper a bunch and playing video pretty much all day yesterday, I think the center one is here to stay, dagnabbit.

    It also has a slight wobble, but it's much less pronounced and more even than my previous one so I would be fine with it if not for the pixel.

    So, I guess it's back to Best Buy.

    It's a shame because I would have been satisfied with this one despite the slight wobble. My last one not only had the bulge, but I was also a bit concerned about the battery life. It was completely drained when I received it and wouldn't turn on until it charged for a couple of hours after I plugged it in. Ultimately, Battery Guru showed the health at 94% which I decided to not worry about. This one booted up without being plugged in and Battery Guru shows it at 100%. This one also connected to my Wifi on the first attempt using the push button and updated smoothly, while my first 64gb and the 16gb I had before that wouldn't connect until I set it up manually and the 16 kept dropping the connection during the update so I kept having to start over. I'd be tempted to keep it if it was the bottom one that had remained and the center one had gone away, but it's just too prominent. I'm pretty disappointed about it.
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