1. mherder's Avatar
    My PB was working great with my exchange server at work until today.
    My exchange server did not have SSL enabled and was a risk so I purchased an SSL cert and installed it. I enabled the SSL on the PB (I had it off) and everything worked fine.

    My problems started when I enabled OWA forms and also did a redirect for http to https for mail.domain.com/exchange to ensure the that new SSL cert it in use.

    Ever since those 2 changes were made, I cannot connect my PB back to the exchange server using the Exchange active synch.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    09-07-12 01:17 PM
  2. mherder's Avatar
    If I remove SSL requirement from Directory security, the PB connects fine. WHen I add it, it does not work fine. I beleive the require SSL being checked of was to initiate a 400.3 error that then uses .asp to redirect the website to a HTTPS one. This is for my OWA users. I supposed I could stop my Firewall from forwarding to port 80 for OWA and keep 443 forwarded. Then I could uncheck the requirement for mandatory SSL as only SSL will work outside my LAN.
    Has anyone else run into this before? I would love to keep the redirect.
    09-07-12 02:03 PM
  3. mherder's Avatar
    Had to stop forms pages from being used.
    Problem solved.
    MS has an active synch checker that helped me resolve.
    09-21-12 07:04 AM