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    I've read a couple of stories on the forums of how people have had their screen broken, or have seen somebody else break theirs.
    I've read that someone's boss sat on one - screen smashed.
    I've read that someone's daughter was playing with it - screen smashed
    I've read that someone's niece(?) dropped it - screen smashed

    My question is this - Is the Playbook particularly prone to having it's screen damaged?
    Does it use especially weak glass in it's construction, or would any other tablet in the same situation also suffer a smashed screen?

    I have particular OCD with keeping my gadgets in perfect working order and treat all of them like royalty. If I accidently damaged my PB's screen I would probably suffer a mental breakdown. (not literally)

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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    I've dropped it on the concrete a few times (either landing on the corner, or flat on the front or back). Screen has a good few cracks in it (despite having been in the neoprene sleeve it came with). Still works pretty damn well, honestly. This has been one of my most durable pieces of mobile electronics ever.
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    09-08-12 09:09 AM
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    I can tell you this much compared to my t300 its like bullet proof. Disclaimer don't actually shoot at your playbook.its just about the toughest screen i have seen.
    I have dropped a few times off the arm rest of my couch and not a scratch and when working its in a ob defender case.
    If I could give one piece of advice against having a OH S€#+ moment and breaking your pb get a case there are plenty out there I use the defender by otterbox its a little bulky but it will give you that bullet proof feeling.
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    a friend's disabled son regularly uses my PB to watch cartoons or CBBC (UK children's TV channel)....

    He has little sensitivity in his fingers - so he pushes very hard at the screen

    He has autistic-super-rages (he punched the screen once, when a programme paused for buffering)

    Many small children do not have subtle sensitivity in their fingertips, so will push very hard at the screen

    My PB is still fine - no cracks, no noticeable deterioration in the sensitivity of the touch-screen

    If in doubt, get a screen defender (like the ones that come with some Otterboxes)

    Hope this helps! A
    09-08-12 09:22 AM
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    It sounds like my worries were for nought.
    Thanks for the replies, guys, I can now sleep at night knowing my Playbook isn't going to shatter if it falls off my table or something.
    09-08-12 09:29 AM
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    It is glass and that said, it is prone to breaking. Moreover, all electronic devices should be handled with care.

    I dropped mine exactly three times. Last was the worst (I even posted about it, so bad it was) and I gotta say I consider myself lucky I didn't have to buy a new screen.

    But you should dig deeper. For every "oh no, it's broken" thread, you're bound to find "omg, it survived that?!" threads.

    But yeah, rule of thumb: don't drop it.


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    Love that video ob defender is the best protection you can get I use mine everyday I just wish they could waterproof it I would pay a premium for that feature being in the construction business is why I don't go to work without my Armor.
    09-08-12 10:15 AM
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    There is a 1-2mm air gap between the transparent screen and the LCD underneath, so that's how much flex it has. The thin glass top layer can get microfractured by repeatedly carrying it "naked" in a cargo pants pocket.
    09-08-12 10:32 AM
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    I'm pretty OCD about my devices too so I keep my pb in a journal type case at all times. Don't know what I'd do if I damaged it.....cry for sure.
    09-08-12 10:54 AM
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    I carry my PB in Targus Zierra case mostly. 3 or 4 drops from about waist height. No problems so far.
    09-08-12 11:08 AM
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    I had a couple drops from the waist onto hardwood floors. I was lucky. Although I remember someone saying that they broke the screen playing cut the rope so I guess it boils down to luck. P. S I'm irish
    09-08-12 12:54 PM
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    I have a bunch of tablets. PB screen is both strongest and brightest in the fleet.

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    09-08-12 05:46 PM
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    The screen DOES scratch as mine did. Anything hard (not keys, but rings, watches etc) will put a nice shiny scratch on it, as will probably certain types of sand. I now recommend invisible shields after mine got cut.
    09-09-12 02:49 AM
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    Haha. In the past 2 weeks I've dropped my PlayBook 3 times. A few days ago my dog bumped into me while I was walking down the stairs and my PlayBook went tumbling down. My heart skipped a beat or 2, but when I looked there wasn't even a dent. BB PlayBook is very durable in my opinion. My iPad 2 fell off my bed once and I had to replace the digitizer, & supposedly the iPad 2 has Gorilla Glass. Smh.
    09-09-12 03:58 AM